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Welcome to our intermediate to advanced embroidery class! In this 6-hour session, you'll embark on creating a stunning custom embroidered placemat. During the session, we'll be working on two embroidery designs: one available for purchase through Embroidery Library and another digitized by the instructor. Beth Planer. Don't worry about the digitizing process - Beth will take care of all the technical aspects, so you can focus on honing your embroidery skills. While you won't receive digitizing instructions, Beth will guide you through the process seamlessly. When it comes to selecting your designs, she will provide three options from which to choose. Once you've shown proof of purchasing the required design, she will align it with the correct dimensions and specifications needed for the placemat. Due to time constraints, Beth kindly asks that you select from the provided choices, as she won't be able to accommodate specific customizations for other designs during this project. Get ready to unleash your creativity and stitch something truly unique!

The registration fee does not include the cost of supplies. Click on the link below to view the supply list for this class.

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Beth Planer

  • 2 sold / 11 total Sat September 14, 9:00am - 3:30pm

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