Long Arm Quilting with Rulers

Past Class

Ruler work (templates) will help you increase your quilting skills and open new possibilities in your quilting. Rulers are great tools to help you achieve accuracy when making circles, curves, or straight lines.

This class is an introduction and guide to using rulers. Like many skills, quilting with rulers requires practice. Remember not to expect perfection after your first try.

A variety of rulers (Bernina, Quilter's Groove, and Sew Steady) will be supplied in class, so you may try them and see which are best suited for you. You may also bring any rulers that you would like to learn how to use, as well as a pair of scissors for snipping threads.

Prerequisite: You must have long arm quilting experience in order to take this class.

If you own a BERNINA Q16 or Q20 Sit Down Long Arm, then the "Quilting with Rulers!" class for the domestic machine is the appropriate class for quilting on your machine.


$15.00 ($15.90 with PA Sales Tax)

Quilt sandwich (panel, batting, and backing)


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